Mobile imaging operating table with carbon lying surface

Series medifa 8000

The mobile imaging operating table medifa 8000 has a unique carbon fibre table top, which is not only characterised by optimal imaging transparency, but also by the integrated standard rails. The table top is thus made exclusively of carbon, which ensures 360° X-ray transparency of up to 1,300 mm and the inclusion of necessary accessories without compromising the X-ray image quality. The table top can also be moved in vertical and horizontal direction. In combination with mobile X-ray units (such as a C-arm), the medifa 8000 is the ideal partner for the hybrid OR.

Model 800200

Electrohydraulical functions
Height adjustment750 – 1110 mm
Trendelenburg-25° / +25°
Lateral tilt-20° / +20°
Horizontal sliding of table top300 mm
Horizontal sliding of table top300 mm
Vertical sliding of table top180 mm
Memory (3 Positions)
Further information
Length of table 2335 mm
Width of table 500 mm
Width of table incl. guide rails540 mm
Maximum permissible overall load250 kg
Weight of tableca. 250 kg
Power supply110 V or 220 V / 50-60 Hz
2Basic configuration
  • Continuously radiolucent table top made of carbon
  • Radiolucent factor of the table top: 0,8 mm (Aluminium Equivalent
  • Table top with side rails made of carbon for attachment of accessories
  • Front side rails made of carbon for attachment of head rest systems
  • Height adjustment from 750 up to 1110 mm
  • Trendelenburg adjustment from -25° up to +25°
  • Lateral tilt from -20° up to +20°
  • Three user programmable position presets (Memory Function)
  • Horizontal sliding of table top up to 300 mm
  • Vertical sliding of table top up to 180 mm
  • Mobility with central brake
  • Electrically conductive upholstery (height: 20 mm)
  • Integrated batteries and battery charger
  • Maximum permissible overall load: 250 kg