We expect you.

At medifa metall und medizintechnik GmbH, a team of specialists awaits you to develop the best technical and economical solution for your individual needs.

We design, produce, optimize and develop technologically up to date. Our designers let your wishes and ideas flow into the technical design, taking the latest scientific findings into account. In addition engineering works hand in hand with prototyping – so your product idea becomes tangible reality.

We develop economical solutions for annual demand which is often less than 500 pieces. For currently nearly 45.000 active items we have already found the process technical and economically optimal solution.

Our specialists are flexible, curious, conscientious, forward-oriented and work together with you to solve your task, whereby mutual trust and complete transparency throughout the development process are particularly important to us.
We realize for you
Production planning and optimization from the idea to the end of a product
technical advice
project management
complete documentation (LifeCycle)
calculation simulation
material testing / metallography
grinding preparation
Weld seam inspection / DIN ISO 581
We work with among others
Enterprise PDM
SPI Sheetmetalworks
Autodesk Inventor