Operating light medifa H!Light

Innovative LED lighting technology combined with high functionality and a compact slim design

Innovative lighting technology, combined with high functionality of the medifa H!Light operating light, enables optimum color rendering and homogeneous illumination of the working area. The light intensity, the light field size and the colour temperature are adaptable to all requirements.
The electronic focus with the mixture of cold and warm white LEDs together behind one lens and 2 different optics allows an exact focusing and is very low in maintenance because there are no moveable parts. The cold light of the LED surgical light in an aluminium housing protects the patient's tissue from drying out and is extremely energy-efficient and durable.
Light intensity in Lux
40,000 lx - 160,000 lx
Adjustability of the light intensity25 - 100%
Colour temperature (Kelvin)3,000 - 5,500
Colour rendering index Ra97
Colour rendering index R9 (blood)97
Colour rendering index R13 (skin)
Focusable light field size (Diameter d10 in cm)18 - 32 cm
d50/d10 ratio0,5 - 0,6
Working distance (in cm)
70 - 150 cm
Diameter of light head (in cm)
60 cm
Temperature increase in the head area< 0,5°
Number of lenses72
Life-span of the LEDs> 60,000h
Depth of light field
L1+L2 at 60% Ec(cm)

Depth of light field
L1+L2 at 20% Ec(cm)

Total power consumption160 VA
Control element on light head
Endoscopy mode
Sterile control at the multifunction handleoptional
Active shadow managementmedifa H!Light plus
Camera optional
2Basic configuration
  • Lightweight construction (aluminium housing)
  • User-friendly control concept
  • OR adapted colour rendering
  • Large, homogeneous surface illumination
  • Easy adjustability
  • One universal handle holder for all cameras (4K and HD) and all handles
  • Sterile control at the multifunction handle
  • Ideal cleaning and disinfection conditions
  • Sustainable energy efficiency with minimal warming
  • Long lifespan
  • Optional with HD or 4K wireless camera

Operating light medifa H!Light

Production of the OT light made in Germany: