RooSy Cube Isolation Ward

Container-based modular isolation room solutions

  • 10 RooSy Cube modules as a functional unit
  • Dimensions: 21,60m x 16,70m
  • Each isolation room with lock and bathroom
  • Easy to clean and disinfect thanks to certified RooSy modular stainless steel room system with antibacterial coating
  • Rapid availability, due to pre-produced systems + production in Germany (0% dependence from abroad)
  • Modularly extendable to several floors or other rooms(OR, ZSVA, ICU, patient rooms etc.)
  • Customized ventilation system with negative air pressure optional

Thanks to the modular design concept of the RooSy Cube, you will benefit from an immediate synergy of the RooSy Cube isolation ward with the existing hospital building.
The available infrastructures such as sterilization etc. can be used in the hospital.
The materials used (antibacterial coating of the stainless steel walls and certified hygiene) help to prevent the spread of germs and are easy to clean.