Why should older operating theatre doors be retrofitted despite being grandfathered?

DIN 18650 has regulated the requirements for automatic doors since 2008. If you use automatic doors in your hospital that do not comply with this standard, you should consider retrofitting the door to meet the operator obligation from this standard.
Because: For automatic doors, even if the doors are functioning properly, there is no grandfathering. The operator of the automatic door system is responsible for the operation and is liable in case of danger for users.
(siehe FTA Richtlinie Nr. 8 rev 3).

If you would like to retrofit your VARIOP door to comply with this standard, we offer a reconstruction kit in order to retrofit the doors quickly and without great efforts. Afterwards the doors are completely refitted with seals and do not require any further action.

Reference: Retrofitting of existing doors:

Mr Schnelle, Deputy Head of the Engineering-Construction-Infrastructure Department, Siloah St. Trudpert Klinikum Pforzheim

Retrofitting VARIOP automatic operating theatre doors with linear drive to meet safety requirements:
Continued use of old door, replacement of the drive/actuator mechanism, installation of sensors and door opening via Clean-Switch
„We have had the old MAQUET VARIOP doors in operation since 1990 and they correspond to the state of the art at that time. They had no safety devices such as sensors and only a delayed pressure braking system, which hardly did anything. This led to an incident in which one of our employees injured her hand. For this reason, we decided at short notice to take the doors out of service and only operate them manually. Then we looked for a solution to be able to use the doors automatically again, but with the certainty that the safety of our employees is guaranteed at all times."

"With the reconstruction of the automatic door, we were able to save about 60% of the costs compared to a new door. In addition, the reconstruction could be carried out in a few hours without interrupting the regular work of the operating theatre."


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