medifa metall und medizintechnik GmbH at a glance.

Facts and figures:

Our customers come primarily out of the medical technology, clean room technology, food and pharmaceutical industry.

Our competence in stainless steel processing and in manufacturing of medical products also benefits customers from other sectors, such as mechanical engineering, refrigeration and air conditioning, automotive, architecture and design, computer industry, electrical engineering or analysis technology.
Sheet metal working
Welding technology
Surface treatment
Engineering and Prototyping
Christian T. Keller
Dr. Wolfgang Hohnhaus

From a metal processor to a certified contract manufacturer. Experience you can rely on.

  • 2018

    Rebranding in medifa metall und medizintechnik GmbH and integration into the medifa healthcare group GmbH
  • 2017

    Extensive investment in sheet metal processing and laser welding technology
  • 2016

    Investment in laser tube machines
  • 2015

    Acquisition of MEDIKOMP GmbH by the Hohnhaus and Jansenberger Group and renaming as STAHL Metall und Medizintechnik GmbH
  • 2008

    Modernization and expansion of production capacity in sheet metal processing with a Salvagnini Punching and bending Center; in machining through the commissioning of an additional milling machining center. Certification according to the Medical Devices Act DIN EN ISO 13485
  • 1999

    Spin-off from the MAQUET pre-production: Foundation of MEDIKOMP GmbH
  • 1965

    With the launch of the first surgical system the stainless steel processing begins
  • 1929

    Start of dishwasher production (Stierlen)