New managing director for medifa GmbH & Co. KG

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On 1 February 2018 Hans-Rudolf Alfter, M.Sc. became the new Managing Director of medifa GmbH & Co. KG in Finnentrop. Mr Alfter brings along the know-how from 25 successful years in the healthcare and medical technology sectors. His career path of CEO, Managing Director and Director in the national and international field makes Hans-Rudolf Alfter superbly equipped to lead the medifa brand successfully into the future.

“Mr Alfter has extremely wide-ranging experience in medical technology. With his experience of the market and his application expertise he is the perfect man to bring the medifa brand further forward both at home and abroad”, explains Dr. Wolfgang Hohnhaus, Managing Partner of medifa health care group GmbH. “At the same time with his leadership style Mr Alfter values those things which are very important to us at Hohnhaus & Jansenberger Group: enthusiasm, responsibility and appreciation.

“It’s a perfect fit”, says Christian Keller, Co-Partner and Managing Director of medifa health care group. With Hans-Rudolf Alfter as new Managing Director, medifa GmbH & Co. KG will focus more on customer satisfaction and service, with its innovative operating tables and examination chairs.

medifa GmbH & Co. KG in Finnentrop is a significant part of the newly founded medifa healthcare group which brings together competence in the operations sector all under one roof. The medifa healthcare group, with roughly 360 employees and an annual turnover of approx. 50m euros, is present in three locations. Planning, engineering and assembly take place exclusively in Germany and in having over 90% of its value in the company the group is independent from third part suppliers.

The medifa healthcare group’s product and service portfolio covers the complete field from mobile operating tables, operating accessories and examination chairs as far as modular wall, door and ceiling systems for ready to go operations. In addition, the worldwide biggest manufacturer of operation table components also belongs to the group.