5. November 2019

We care. Code – New service offer at medifa

16. December 2019

We care – Donation to the Förderkreis Ulm für tumor und leukämiekranke Kinder Ulm e.V.

2. October 2019

Universal-OR-tables for the Zentrum für ambulante Medizin (ZaM) of the Rhön-Kliniken at the Campus Bad Neustadt

17. February 2020

Trainees hired after successful completion of their examinations

8. August 2019

The Circle – the largest construction site in Switzerland and medifa right in the thick of it

17. December 2020

Smooth surfaces from medifa

9. May 2019


24. August 2020

Retrofitting of existing doors from VARIOP in the Klinikum Siloah Pforzheim

23. August 2019

Partnership between medifa and Integromed for distribution of modular room systems in Middle East

28. November 2018

New managing director of medifa metal and medical engineering GmbH

17. October 2018

New Head of sales at medifa

15. June 2019

New head of product management at medifa

25. October 2019

New employee sales and project management RooSy

16. October 2018

medifa supports the Balthasar Children and Youth Hospice

22. January 2019

medifa supports reconstruction in Syria

14. January 2020

medifa supports healthcare provision in Africa

1. August 2018

medifa opens site in Mumbai India

4. June 2019

medifa metall und medizintechnik GmbH invests in the future of its machining technology

4. May 2020

medifa joins the German Health Alliance (GHA)

25. August 2020

medifa installs 14 operating tables at AIIMS in India